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again, if you didn't catch it above...these links are not good.

Thank you

for taking the time to post someone to this list.

As i tell anyone i list on this site, i can't promise pen pals, i can only hope each and every pagan inmate listed here finds good people. Like most people, very few pagans think about inmates, and even fewer pagans think about the fact there may be pagans in prison... much less to write to one. So i hope, and i post people just in case.

On the other side of that, here is the disclaimer that i doubt i need to put up (but just in case): if someone writes to tell me any inmate posted on these pages was disrespectful, lewd, predatory or inappropriate, if he or she asks or tries to manipulate money, favors, whatever... i will remove that post immediately. Period.

the Pagan Pen Pal Page