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Pagan Pen Prison

Hillery Rosendall DOC# 292319
4450 Broadriver Road
Columbia, SC 29210

DOB- 08/14/1984
Sign: Leo

Intro: Hillery is looking to correspond with other Wiccans. Her patron Goddess is Aradia. She absolutely loves Italy and would love any information she can get on some of the Italian covens. Hillery is in much need of positive support right now. Her fellow inmate and sister committed suicide on January 16,2011 while in lock up. Any spiritual information would be really great for her right now!

Margie Smith West DOC#331743
4450 Broadriver Road
Columbia, SC 29210

DOB- 02/10/1960
Sign: Aquarius

Intro: Merry meet, my friends! I'm posting this ad in hopes of finding pen pals for my mother, who is currently serving time in prison.
She is a wiccan who loves reading (vampire novels and Stephen King are her faves)and also enjoys writing poetry and drawing. She loves cooking (great for exchanging recipes with), gardening, music (classic 70’s rock is her absolute fave), and the outdoors. Her element is water. Her favorite parts of nature include the ocean as well as the sun, moon and stars (celestial). She’s also a cat person and adores mermaids and sea creatures.
Mom is a divorced woman with one child (myself) and two small grandchildren. She’s very family oriented and loves conversing with people about general interest as well as spirituality. She’s also very interested in Buddhism (though she doesn’t consider herself a follower of the religion).

Daniel Myers DOC: 91532-012
P.O. Box 8000
Bradford ,PA. 16701

birthday: August 27th

Religion: Celtic wicca I really want to establish contact with Pagans on the outside since I am two years until I am released. I have the money to relocate and my own house but no family. I am devoted to paganism, and have been involved with a group on the inside for a few years now.

( Ravyn's note: Dan is the one of the leaders of a group i visit. He is a good guy, devoted to the gods, the group and valuing the changes being pagan has brought to his life, outlook and self.)

Scott Butterfield # 129579
970 Picket St. N
Bayport, MN 55003

Single white male looking for a pagan single white female. Interests include: saxton witchcraft, outdoors, cooking, herbs, and looking for an outgoing person. If interested please write me a letter at above address.

Ron Ricks D-07543
PVSP C-4-228-L
PO Box 8503
Coalinga, CA 93210

Wiccan. Ron has been practicing for more then 20 years, following a traditional/ceremonial path influenced by OTO, Golden Dawn and others. He is looking for a pen pal of a like mind to talk with, discuss philosophy, etc. He is an artist and would love it if he could find someone who would be willing to help him sell his art online, as well.

Brad Yost #201001
970 picket st n
Bayport , NM. 55003

age: 37, birthday: april 14th

Religion: wiccan intro: Greetings and blessings of the goddess and god attend you. my name is brad yost and i am currently incarcerated in Minnesota. i am a 37 yr old, 6'1", 250 lbs, redhead of irish/german decent. I grew up in the northern part of minnesota spending many hours in nature camping, hunting, and fishing, enjoying the peace. i believe it is this love of the outdoors that brought me to my faith of wicca. i've been a practicing pagan for almost 20 yrs and within the last 11 i've fully embraced the wiccan path and rede. i just recently took my 2nd degree oath with an alexandrian coven. i am considered one of the founding members of the pagan circle at the facility i live at, with that responsibility i spend most of my time within these walls studying the craft, planning circle activities, reading tarot and doing my daily devotions to the lady and lord.when not doing craft related stuff, i enjoy playing the recreational sports offered like softball, soccer, and handball. i am a huge hockey fan and love to watch any and all games offered on tv. i usually end the evening with a book or just listening to meditation music. i am seeking like-minded people who have the same passion for the craft and the outdoors to share spiritual ideas with for lasting friendship and community. if you are that person i am waiting to hear from you, all letter will be responded too.
blessed be. may the love of the goddess be forever in your heart, merry meet, merry part, merry meet again.

in love and light.
brad yost

Ryan Swenson #176250
970 Picket St N
Bayport, MN. 55003
birthday: 08/13/1978

Religion: wiccan intro: crazy wild fan seeks beautiful lady to attend wild games with: hello ladies, please allow me to briefly introduce myself and to share some of myself with you. my name is ryan r. swenson. i am a 31 yr old caucasian/cherokee indian male, who is 5, 165 lbs, with light brown hair and hazel eyes. i am the oldest of 3 children and was born and raised in a small town named alexandria. i am currently incarcerated here in stillwater prison for violating some conditions of my parole and have currently been incarcerated for 6 1/2 yrs and am scheduled for release in august of 2011. i am seeking someone to correspond with and also someone who shares similar interests i do. now to share some of those with you. prior to coming to prison january 3, 2003. i enjoyed spending my summer on the lake swimming, riding jetskis,tubing,fishing or just cruising on the lake with some buddies, in the winter months i enjoyed going to the local skating rink and playing hockey with friends, riding snowmobiles, and going snowboarding. i also enjoy going to the county fair and the local stock car races on saturday nights. i'm a very adventurous person. since being in prison, recently i've begun studying the pagan/wicca religion and have found this to be a very awakening/calm religion to study as everyday i learn something new out of my daily studies. an i mentioned earlier, i am seeking a female aged 25-32. who like myself is new to pagan studies and is not into playing games, but is looking for a friendship, which could eventually lead to other avenues later down the road? if i sound like someone you'd like to take time in getting to know, this is my information. please serious inquires only!!!!!!!!!
hope to hear from you soon.
sincerely, ryan swenson

Kris Jenks 61856
I.C.C., S-17-A
P.O. Box 70010
Boise, Idaho 83707

birthday: July 11th 1979

Religion: Celtic Druid likes role playing games, camping 80's rock most sports,

John Christopher Marquard #122995
Union C.I., P-4119-S
7819, NW 228th Street
Raiford, FL 32026-4440

16th October, 1966

Religion: Wiccan Greetings everyone! I'm Jack, writing on behalf of John Marquard. John is a born & bred Wiccan, because that's the way his mum raised him.
But, he's been in prison for over 16 yrs now, and he really misses being able to correspond with other Wiccans.
I've been corresponding with John for about 5 yrs, and haven't regretted a word in either direction! :),If you are looking for a "snail mail" friend, just to chat to, then you have found him. And, he has a wicked sense of humour, too!
If you are seeking more "in depth" writing, then John has quite an extensive knowledge of literature, movies, some languages, Celtic design.
He also writes very good poetry, is awaiting a publishers decision upon the printing of his book, and has phenomenal DIY skills.
I'm a hons. graduate scientist (BSc Chem. Hons) and John & I spend many an interesting hour, of writing, discussing the best ways to save the planet from bad industrialization, and old Star Trek movies BUT, he really needs to talk to Wiccans.

Blessed be,

Alex Laveyne DOC# 238116
ASPC Kingman
PO 6639
East Unit
Kingman, AZ 86402

birthday: Aug 3, 1981

Religion: seeker Mom says: "My son is just getting started on a non-traditional path and would like to correspond with anyone, male or female, who could offer insights into the Pagan lifestyle."

Chris Chapman 60565-097
FCC Beaumont Medium
PO Box 26040
Beaumont, TX 77720

birthday: 7.21.1978

Religion: Odinist Chris says: Im an Odenist that has been studying the way for 6 years now. I'm into runes and runecasting. I like studying philosophy and martial arts, and anything that can help better myself. Interested in talking to people overseas, I'd like to know more about the world. Interested in knowing what the Odenist scene is like out there in the world.

Timothy S Fox # 369 - 361
PO Box 1812
Marion OH 43301

Birthday: April 27th, 1969

My name is Timothy S Fox, I am a 36 year old white male currently in prison. I am a Satanic High Priest who is looking for pen pals. I am very passionate about my beliefs, and am looking for equally passionate practitioners. Whether it be Wicca, Kabala or any other pagan faith. Any questions asked will be answered honestly and promptly. I'm not into head games or conning anyone. Just looking for friendship, prison life is boring for any type of Magi. I like to learn, teach and compare all types of magick.

Ravyn's note: i've been writing to Timothy for years. He is a good man underneath a gruff exterior, who hopes to do well once he's out. We don't follow the same path, but he is curious and respectful of other beliefs as long as the same is offered to him.

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